Cancellation Policy


Please make sure to read the cancellation policy before signing up for a class.

1. Cancellation during the contracted period

No refund will be made after payment is completed, regardless of payment method. If you are taking a group lesson, and you have 3 or more classes left when you decide to withdraw from a course for some reason, you may request one (1) private lesson to compensate for untaken classes, the length of which is determined through the calculation below.

The value of untaken classes (course fee ÷ number of classes per term × number of untaken classes) minus a 1,000 yen handling fee is the amount of money that will be put toward your private lesson. The length of the compensatory private lesson is calculated at a rate of 1 minute / 100 yen. As such, if 6,000 is put toward your compensatory private lesson, you may take a 60-minute lesson.
The date and time of the compensatory private lesson will be negotiated with the instructor.

If you notify us that you will withdraw from a course on the day of a scheduled class, then the day’s class will be counted as a taken class rather than an untaken class regardless of the time you contact us.

2. If we are unable to provide lessons 

If we are unable to offer lessons on a given day, we reserve the right to cancel lessons. To the greatest possible extent, we will make efforts to offer make-up lessons. If we are able to offer make-up lessons, we will not issue refunds on make-up lesson fees, regardless of student attendance on that day. In the event that we are unable to offer make-up lessons, we will issue refunds on the lesson fees for the missed lessons.

3. Disclaimer

We are not responsible for any suspensions or changes of service due to unforeseen events such as natural disasters, fire, power outage, war, riot, etc.

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