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We will accept your booking four days before the actual class starts. Please make sure to read Cancellation Policy before booking.

All lessons take place from 18:00 to 19:35 JST

(90 minutes + 5-minute break)

Oct. 23 (Sun) Yoshiki Hayama "Letter Found in a Cement-Barrel" & "The Prostitute"

Oct. 30 (Sun) Sayaka Murata "A Clean Marriage"

Nov. 6 (Sun) Toshiki Okada "Breakfast"

Nov. 13 (Sun) David Mitchell "Variations on a Theme by Mister Donut"

Nov. 20 (Sun) Kyoko Nakajima "Things Remembered and Things Forgotten"

All the lessons take place from4:30pm - 6:05pm PDT  (7:30pm - 9:05pm EDT)

*Starting from Nov.6~ PST California Time 3:30-5:05 PM (EST NY Time 6:30-8:05 PM)

90 minutes + 5-minute break

Sept. 25 (Sun) Aoko Matsuda "Planting"

October 9 (Sun) Akira Abe "Peaches"

October 23 (Sun) Keita Genji "Mr English"

November 6 (Sun) Fumiko Enchi "A Bond for Two Lifetimes- Gleanings"

November 20 (Sun) Ogai Mori "The Last Testament of Okitsu Yagoemon"