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“Books Kinokuniya Taiwan”

This is Kinokuniya Taipei Bookstore which I frequent. I sometimes cannot help going to a bookstore. Visiting a bookstore makes me happy since it provides me with serendipitous encounters with new books. Yes, I admit Amazon is very useful. Still, real bookstores have their own charms.

I am well aware that the layout of books at this bookstore does not change that often, and yet I always go there, with a bit of expectations to bump into interesting books.

When I was 18, I used to be a shopkeeper at the signature Shinjuku Kinokuniya. I wonder what has happened to those part-time workers I worked with. I was often scolded by my manager that I should smile more, to which I replied nobody wanted my smile. Good old memories.

Do you often go to a bookstore? What is your favorite?

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