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Japanese Literature Discussion Classes start from February 4!

I’m happy to announce that my Japanese literature discussion classes resume from February 4!

Lineup for this term:

a book

Three stories by Jun’ichiro Tanizaki

Feb. 4 (Sun) Jun’ichiro Tanizaki "The Qilin"

Feb. 11 (Sun) Jun’ichiro Tanizaki "Killing O-Tsuya"

Feb. 18 (Sun) Jun’ichiro Tanizaki "The Siren’s Lament"

The Siren's Lament -Essential Stories (Pushkin Press)

ISBN: 9781782278092

Three stories by Yasushi Inoue

a book

Mar. 3 (Sun) Yasushi Inoue "Life of a Counterfeiter"

Mar. 10 (Sun) Yasushi Inoue "Reeds"

Mar. 17 (Sun) Yasushi Inoue "Mr. Goodall’s Gloves"

Life of a Counterfeiter (Pushkin Press)

ISBN: 9781782270027

I’m looking forward to discussing the works of these major Japanese authors with you!


Try one class for free!

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