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Japanese Literature Discussion Classes start from July 2!


I’m happy to announce that my Japanese literature discussion classes resume from July 2! We’ll be reading and discussing short stories from “Modern Japanese Literature”, which was compiled and edited by Donald Keene. This anthology is great in that you could get a general overview of modern Japanese literature ranging from the first Japanese modern novel “The Drifting Cloud” by Shimei Futabatei to a work of Yukio Mishima chronologically.

Lineup for this term:


7/2 (Sun) Kafu Nagai “The River Sumida” 7/9 (Sun) Kyoka Izumi “A Tale of Three Who Were Blind” 7/16 (Sun) Ogai Mori “The Wild Goose” 7/23 (Sun) Naoya Shiga “Han’s Crime” 7/30 (Sun) Osamu Dazai “Villon’s Wife”

It’s going to be the first time for me to deal with a story by Kyoka Izumi in my classes, who is the most representative author from Kanazawa and whose museum I visited recently. I’m looking forward to discussing the works of all these major Japanese authors with you!


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